Current Online Research Project – Traumatic experiences during childhood and the development of social anxiety

Hi everyone,

I am currently running a research project that examines the relationship between traumatic experiences during childhood and the development of social anxiety. The aim of this online study is to provide scientific evidence that will be used to inform and advance treatment options and interventions for individuals who have experienced childhood trauma, and/or who are suffering with social anxiety.
The study has gained ethical approval to proceed from the University of Reading Ethics Committee (UREC 23_44) and taking part includes completing several questionnaires relating to personal demographics, experiences of childhood trauma, social anxiety, and your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours during your childhood and/or adolescence (i.e., from birth to 16 years of age). Due to the topic of the study, there are some questions within the survey that are sensitive in nature, including questions surrounding childhood trauma, specifically: emotional abuse, physical abuse, and sexual abuse. Taking part in the questionnaire is completely voluntary and you can withdraw at any time if you choose to.
I would be very grateful to any of you who are willing to complete the online study and would thank you deeply if you could circulate this email and the link to the online study (provided below) to anyone in your network who also might be interested in taking part. As a minor incentive, anyone who completes the online study is entered into a draw for a chance to win a £10.00 Amazon voucher.
Thank you very much and best wishes,


Dr Shannon Wake  PhD AFHEA
Lecturer in Psychology
School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences
University of Reading