Discussion Boards

The main UK based Social Anxiety Discussion Board is at www.social-anxiety-community.org
Please note SAUK, and its discussion board, are a separate and external organisation. SAAUK (the charity) cannot be held responsible for any of the posts or content. Please use all the caution you would with any social media site before posting.
The discussion board has been in existence for over 20 years and has had 48,000 members over that time. It is moderated (by moderators who review contentious or inapproriate posts) but there is always a time lag between posts and moderation.
See this link : www.social-anxiety-community.org
  • Please note the Social Anxiety groups below run entirely independently of SAAUK
  • Some support groups may also run courses/workshops
  • If you are thinking of setting up a meetup group your own – there is some information on the issues that you may need to consider at www.meetup.com/leadinglightsocial/group rules/
  • If you would like to list your own support or therapy group please read information for new support or therapy groups
  • If you know of other groups offering therapy or support please email us at info@socialanxietyalliance.org.uk

Local Groups with Websites

www.socialanxietybristol.org.uk (Bristol)
SASH Group via Meetup and SASH Group via Facebook
www.selfhelpservices.org.uk Social-anxiety-group (Manchester)

Facebook Groups (UK)

www.facebook.com/groups/140509343154653 (UK)

UK Meetup Groups

Meetup is a big organisation and there are several Social Anxiety groups within it. The groups listed below will be a mix of people with Social Anxiety who meet (or Zoom) to socialise or chat. Some groups also run courses and workshops on particular topics. Meetup users do not need to pay a fee to sign up for the website or attend an event. The only people who pay are those who host a meeting.
Please note SAAUK cannot be held responsible for any of the groups listed below. Please use all the caution you would with joining any group – especially if planning to physically attend an event.
Birmingham Social Shyness Social Group – BIRMINGHAM
Birmingham Social Anxiety, Social Phobia – BIRMINGHAM
Social Anxiety Mastery Group (Build True Confidence)  – BIRMINGHAM
Social Anxiety Social Club – BRIGHTON
Cambridge Social Anxiety – CAMBRIDGE
Devon-and-cornwall-social-anxiety – CORNWALL
Step our Ireland Social Anxiety Mastery Group (Build True Confidence) – DUBLIN
Kent Social Anxiety and Personal Growth Kent – KENT
The London Shyness Social Group:  Shy and Introvert Friends (over 16,000 members) – LONDON
The socially awkward & introverts social group  – LONDON
Social Anxiety Friends Etc. (SAFE) – LONDON
WalkTheTalk Social Anxiety Peer Support and Practice Group – LONDON
London-introverts-social-club/ – LONDON
Social anxiety, Depression, Isolation, Introverts – LONDON
Social Anxiety Self Help Group London (SASH) – LONDON
Socially Awkward (over 11,000 members) – MANCHESTER
Nottingham and Derby Social Anxiety Group – NOTTINGHAM
Reading Social Anxiety Group – READING
Shy or socially anxious in Southampton – SOUTHAMPTON