Social Anxiety Websites (List)

NHS social anxiety PDF guides
Here are a selection of internet websites that offer further information: USA based Social Anxiety website with great information and links Australian ABC News feature about living with SA Anxiety UK Search Page for SA Anxiety UK main SA Page list Australian Social Anxiety resources Search Facebook for Social Anxiety Summary of SA at Helpguide MIND’s main SA page American National Social Anxiety Centre NHS Social Anxiety page NHS ‘Find a psychological therapy service in your area’ NHS Scotland – self help guide : NICE Public guidance for Social Anxiety Treatment Summary of SA at American National Institute of Mental Health American Social Anxiety prevalence statistics : No Panic’s Search Page for SA Royal College of Psychiatrists pages on SA SAUK Home Page (Click “SA Information”)
SAUK Discussion Board: The main UK based Social Anxiety Discussion Board : Professor Richards at the Social Anxiety Institute (USA) SA Ireland SA Pages written by Dr A.M. Jacobs and Dr Martin M. Antony Social Anxiety Support Discussion Board (USA) Social Phobia World Discussion Board Lots of very good socialising advice Very Well Minds Activities to help get better Very Well Minds SA Pages