Talking to friends and family

Telling someone about your struggles with social anxiety can be a very daunting prospect. Many of us have kept our social anxiety secret for many years.

Although it is difficult, it is often helpful to tell at least some people. Who you tell will be down to your individual circumstances but it makes sense to start with those you think most likely to be understanding and empathetic.

Every decision about who to tell, and whether to tell, is down to individual circumstances. It may help to remember that social anxieties are not unusual – or anything to feel ashamed of – the NHS guidelines quote a US study showing 12% of adults in the US will have social anxiety disorder at some point in their lives.

Barbara G. Markway who co-wrote the book ‘Painfully Shy’ wrote this helpful article – To tell or not to tell. Also see this page at – Telling People You Have Social Anxiety

If you are a friend or family member seeking some guidance on how to talk to someone with SA, please this article at Verywellmind : how to talk to someone with social anxiety

If telling others seems hard you may also want to consider the “Welcome & Introductions Room” at SAUK – it’s entirely independent of SAAUK the charity but promoted as a gentle area to say hello and be welcomed. Please note – as with all social media – you need to be aware of the dangers of posting online. Please also see our page on online groups and support.