X Tasks Needed

See list at https://socialanxietyalliance.org.uk/articles-needed/

Finding experienced Trustees:
Use Charity commission website to find the trustees at MIND, Rethink, Every Mind Matters, OCD UK, OCD Action, Anxiety UK. Google <trustee name> and <social anxiety> to see if we can find those who have an interest in social anxiety.

Find experienced Trustees via Reach:
Log in, search for volunteers and click “Contact volunteer”. Can also set up email alerts.

Find experienced CBT therapists to help us develop content/resources:
Google <social anxiety”> and “BABCP” to find private accredited BABCP therapists to help us

Check the status of Meetup SA groups:
Update our information about the 15 Nationwide Meetup social anxiety groups and lookout for new ones.

Find social anxiety course/workshop leaders:
Look through the “past events” of the various social anxiety Meetup Groups. Make a list of people/organisation that run courses / workshops (e.g. exposure therapy, making friends, conversation skills, coping with panic, mindfulness etc)

Find social anxiety celebrities:
Add to our list – research the extent of their SA – so the charity can ask them to be ambassadors and interviewed on TV/radio.

Researching Internet Social Anxiety courses:
List more social anxiety courses – self-help, or CBT Therapist assisted (online and in-person)

An Article about the research teams ar TOPIC, OXCADAT, Reading

Social Anxiety on Youtube:
Review and develop the informational and therapeutic content we have started at https://socialanxietyalliance.org.uk/social-anxiety-on-youtube/